CrossFit Confidence Classes


 Your body can do amazing things. Come find out what you’re really made of in our training classes! Whether you’re here to just stay active and want to try something new or you want to be a competitive athlete, our #1 priority is to use the tools at our disposal to get you there! From CrossFit to Bootcamp, our classes will get you sweating out the stress of the day. Come build yourself inside and out, you’ll feel better – we guarantee it!

  • On-Ramp

Our 2-week On Ramp program is designed with the beginner in mind. We’ll meet 3 times per week and this is where you’ll “learn the ropes” – everything from all the crazy acronyms we use to different stretching techniques to help with any problem areas you may have. Classes are structured like our Group CrossFit classes, but you’ll focus more on technique and form rather than strength.


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  • CrossFit Group Classes

Our Group CrossFit classes use the CrossFit training methodology of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements to give you maximum results. All Group CrossFit classes are one hour long sessions that consist of a warm-up, skill or strength session, WOD (workout of the day), and a cool down. Classes are limited to 10 people to ensure coaching stays effective.


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  • Weightlifting



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  • Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp is for those looking for fast results in a 4-week program. You’ll learn how to use your body efficiently and become a stronger version of yourself. Our 1-hour classes will be held Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and will leave you feeling stronger and more confident than ever before! You have nothing to lose but inches!

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