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Laura T., St. Michael, MN
It takes a special type of person to run a Crossfit gym the way Matt does- his main goal is to help you achieve your goals and help make you become the person you want to be. Matt won’t let you do something or lift a heavy amount of weight until you have the form down and are able to do it- he wants you to succeed – not fail. I have been very blessed to have found a coach and gym like Crossfit Confidence and am excited to continue on this journey of getting my old body back with Matt and my other family!
Laura R., Elk River, MN
I have tried out many gyms and none of them were as focused on helping me personally improve like Crossfit Confidence! The people there are like a close family and so inviting to new members, I felt like I was right at home. Matt takes the time to make sure everyone is safe and that the workouts are on your level, but difficult enough to keep pushing me to my max! Best gym I have been a member of in years!

Jakki G., Big Lake, MN
Matt, I want to thank you for so many things. It’s hard to put into words how I’ve changed because of you. My self-esteem is so much better. I don’t hate my body anymore – I am amazed at what I can accomplish with this awesome body : ) You are a great coach!

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